My Health Action Plan

My Health Action Plan

We have developed a template for a Health Action Plan. You can type into the pdf file, save it, print it and update it.

This is free to download and use.

There is a male version and a female version. There are two sections within the plan:

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Section 1 - My health record

In this section you can record information like your allergies, family history, health conditions and appointments. It keeps your health information in one place. 

Section 2 - My health actions

Use the Top To Toe Health Checklists to fill in this section. The checklists will help you find out what action you need  to take to stay healthy or get healthier.

Your Health Action Plan can be kept in a folder.

We suggest you use a presentation display book with 40 clear pockets and a front display pocket for the front page. These are easy to find on the internet and cost about £3.

Keep other health information such as your hospital passport and results of tests in the spare pockets of your folder.

It is important to keep your Health Action Plan up to date and take it to health appointments with you.

You can print off new pages to replace pages that need updating.


Download the Health Action Plan templates here