The Top to Toe Health Checklists

The Top to Toe Health Checklists

We have developed 21 Easy Read Health Checklists. 

These are free to download and use - see below.

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Each checklist focuses on one aspect of health.

There are up to four questions to answer in each checklist. The information in the checklist will help you answer the questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions you need to take action. You can record your answers from the checklists in your Health Action Plan.

There is a separate checklist for men’s and women’s health.

A ‘Health Action’ usually means seeking advice from a health professional like your GP.

The checklists are not a tool for diagnosing health conditions.

They simply aim to help people with learning disabilities and their supporters understand more about health and:

  • Notice any issues that may require professional health advice.
  • Notice when health appointments and health checks are due.
  • Develop the right health policies and recording systems - e.g. pain management and medication.
  • Think about how your lifestyle may be affecting your health. 

It is a good idea to use the checklists before you have an annual health check at your GP Surgery.

Your answers will help your GP talk to you about your health.


Downloading the checklists